Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy

This Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy;

1st. What kind of personal data our company collects through this website, mobile applications, mobile websites and other means of which we are the content provider [“our company”] ,
2nd ed. How and for what purpose this personal data is used,
3. Who our company may share this personal data with,
4. What are the rights of its users/members/customers regarding the personal data that our company collects on its website, mobile applications, mobile websites and other ways, and how they can exercise these rights,
6. Includes information on receiving commercial electronic messages.

Information About Personal Data Protection

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act No. 6698 ["KVKK"]; the personal data set out in this Privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy, which users/members/customers have shared with our company in connection with and limited to the processing purpose set out below, will be recorded, stored, stored, changed, reorganized, shared with the institutions authorized to request such personal data by law, transferred to third parties at home or abroad, transferred, we declare that it can be made available, classified and processed in other ways that are listed in the NCC.

Processed personal data, purpose and Basis Of Personal Data Processing

User / member name, surname, date of birth, mobile phone number, fixed phone number, e-mail address, address, page traffic information; personal data to identify the user/member directly or indirectly, such as information that the user/member consents to be shared through those channels [“personal data”] to provide better service to the user/member, to conclude a contract with the user/member, to continue and improve the service provided to the user/member, to conduct sales, marketing and commercial communication, after sales services, subscription process, if any, and, statistical studies and Sunday Research can be done for such purposes.

Other purposes of processing the personal data in question, 5651 internet law and combating crime through the arrangement of the material in these publications and relevant secondary legislation, the Law No. 6563 on the regulation of electronic commerce and the relevant secondary legislation to the Law No. 6112 on radio and television establishment and Broadcasting Services of radio and television Supreme Board regulations, the law no. 5846 on intellectual and artistic works, To process the personal data of the user/member in accordance with other relevant legal regulations of Turkish Penal Code No. 5237; to arrange all records and documents for electronic or paper processing purposes; to comply with the obligations of storing, reporting, informing and sharing information prescribed by the relevant regulatory authorities and other authorities.

Personal Data; User/how we can better serve Members on behalf of the user/Member is required in cases where consent is based on legal reasons and the purpose of data processing in accordance with the regulations limited by, our subsidiaries and/or direct/indirect, domestic/international aiming to implement the activities of our affiliates, as follows receives services under the related contracts or co-domestic or abroad that can be transferred to third parties, this privacy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy, except for the purposes and scope specified by the kvkk and kvkk'ın provided that the measures related to data security may be taken; kvkk'da processed in the manner listed.

The user/member with the personal data of navigation and traffic information; in order to perform the obligation of security and the law we (the fight against crime, Public Security and the threat of state and is similar to, but not limited to, legal, or administrative or information under no obligation to provide notification in cases where we exist as) that legally is authorized to request this information can be shared with relevant institutions and organizations.

Rights Related To Personal Data

The user/member personal data are processed has been processed and what, if can find out whether they are used for the purpose of processing the data is processed, may request information in this regard, personal data is transmitted or abroad, can learn the third person is missing or is incorrectly processed or processed personal data in case of any change in personal data is involved, this data correction, modification, updating, kvkk 7. in accordance with the terms set forth in Article 7 of this Agreement, you agree to delete/destroy or anonymize such transactions (if incomplete or improperly processed personal data is involved, such data will be corrected or deleted). may request that personal data be transferred to third parties (deleted/destroyed or made anonymous) in accordance with the terms provided in this article.; it may object to the occurrence of a negative result due to the analysis of the processed data exclusively by automated systems and may request the removal of the damage if the personal data is damaged due to illegal processing. The user / member has the rights to this scope. 13 / f.Under 1:

[email protected] to send an e-mail to the named e-mail address signed with a secure electronic signature of the user/member(as well as “word or pdf " addressed to our company."a file in the format can also be sent by signing with a secure e-signature);

by making an application to our company, he can communicate his demands.

Personal Data Retention Time

Our company only maintains the personal data it processes in accordance with KVKK for as long as it is required for the purpose of processing personal data as provided for in the relevant legislation or if it is not provided for for a period of time in the legislation. Retained data is deleted, destroyed, or anonymized after the reasons for processing the data have expired. Example No. 6563 on the regulation of electronic commerce in accordance with the law and related regulations of personal data that will be used for marketing or promotional purposes the user/member's receipt of approval in cases of personal data records are stored for 1 year from this date. The content of the commercial electronic message and any other records related to the shipment are stored for 3 years to be submitted to the relevant ministry if necessary. In accordance with the law No. 5651 on the regulation of publications made on the Internet and the fight against crimes committed through these publications, the traffic data we process is stored for 2 years and made anonymous after the period is over. In any case, if the personal data is processed for more than one reason, the relevant data is deleted, destroyed or made anonymous when all the reasons for the processing of such data are eliminated.

Measures For The Protection Of Personal Data

The protection of personal data is an important issue for our company. We take all necessary technical and administrative measures to protect the user/member against unauthorized access to personal data or loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration or destruction of such information. We use generally accepted standards of security technology to process personal data.

We undertake to keep personal data confidential, to take all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure confidentiality and security, and to take due care. Although we take necessary information security measures, aiming, follows own website, mobile application, mobile site, and the system as a result of the attacks on personal data get into the hands of third parties, or damage to, the situation will immediately notify you and take the necessary precautions.

Changes to privacy, Personal Data Protection Policy and Cookie Policy

This Privacy Policy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy may be amended from time to time. These changes become effective immediately upon the publication of the revised Privacy Policy, Personal Data Protection and Cookie Policy on the website/mobile application/webmobile. We therefore recommend that the user/member periodically review this text. The user / member may also communicate membership information and contact preferences, including personal information, at any time by contacting our company through the contact information on the website. Requests will be evaluated and implemented as soon as possible.

Communication Permission

The user/member personal data will be shared with the company; for the purpose of sales and marketing, combined with information we collect from other companies as we have stated in our Cookie Policy Content and development and promotion of our services and our new services or personification in order to provide any communication for the purpose of sending messages, our company and all other company subsidiaries will be able to share with The miz. This data at the same time, only the user/member of the services to be provided the ability to offer the perfect possible delivery of your shipments in a healthy way, telephone, SMS and/or e-mail notifications via our in order to be delivered on time, the contractual relationship we are sharing our data security awareness, which comply with the provisions of relevant legislation 3. with people,