You Series Review

Today, I'm going to do You series review, one of netflix's leading projects. You are a Roman-based thriller by Caroline Kepnes. The necessary approval was given in almost the first season of the second season.

The series starring Penn Badgley and Elizabeth Lail is as follows; Joe, a brilliant accountant and a polite bookshop operator, begins to love the young lady Beck, who comes to the bookstore, at first glance. Beck is trying to find out if he is a good man, Joe is not only aware of Beck's life with his mastered SAP skill (!), He manages to get involved.

To summarize the topic of the series, if you are ready, I am starting my review, which includes a lot of Spoilers.

First of all, before starting the main part of the review, this is the first series of research articles and I cannot decide whether this is good or not. I don't know if you want a good article. So I plan to use the best gossip of the characters that I have done. If you think an ugly but sympathetic lady with short, blond hair and glasses put her hand on her waist and started telling you something hot, you can continue reading my review.

Joe Goldberg:

Penn Badgley met with Humphrey when I was a teenager living at the peak of his adolescent years, to whom he reappeared years later with Joe Goldberg. Over the years I got older and only dear Penn is still young. At that time, I didn't want to spend all my energy on Dan Humphrey instead of crying Chuck Bass. If we look at Penn Badgley's handsome enough praise, I can move on to joe, his character. As I mentioned while writing the subject of the series, Joe is a young man working in the bookstore. In the first scene of the first episode, it seemed to me an arrogant character, but it was enough to melt the ice in the way he looked at his neighbor's son Paco. As she continued to watch the show, the love chest replaced a thin chill in the place of melting ice.

The drama often gets a reflection of Joe's internal conversations with Beck. After our obsessed lover Joe decides to have a relationship with Beck, Beck begins to follow him to realize if he is the right person for him. First, the ongoing follow-up of social network accounts Beck follows and goes back to steal his phone to sneak into his house and be instantly aware of his messages. While Joe's first goal is to understand whether Beck is the right person for him, he eliminates anything (including people) that can interfere with Beck.

Although there is a lot to be said about Joe and what he did, I switch to our other character Beck without giving more Spoilers.

Guinevere Beck:

Elizabeth Lail, who played Beck, was also the first Dead of Summer and was once seen. Since I almost did not watch the other series he participated in, I can say that I met him with the help of the you series.

Beck is a young literary student who uses his surname in the form of a name since he does not like guinevere name. Although the four-person group has the lowest financial income, you cannot stop spending more on the financial situation to live a rich life with their friends. Beck is with a young businessman named Benji who is constantly disappearing and trying to look like a successful person with his father's money. Although there are minor differences in their relationship, they never leave and leave with Joe's help. Benji's lack and egoist attitude of his girlfriends are one of the reasons that push Beck to show interest in joe.


Shay Mitchell, who also appeared in the Pretty Little Liars series, is the Peach character in this series. Although I planned to include only Beck and Joe in my article, I want to summarize Peach's right because I don't want to eat.

Although Peach is Beck's best friend, his feelings for Beck are more than friendship. Naturally, including emotions, so she doesn't like Joe very much and manages to win joe's hate. In fact, Peach is one of her friends in every human life. Peach is one of the friends who make up the cancer cell of your life and cannot be taken only because of the place that needs to be removed by surgery. He definitely hurts Beck and realizes that Beck can't get him out of his life. Naturally, Joe comes in and frees Beck from Peach's captivity.

Throughout the drama, I was angry at Joe for what he had done, I was afraid of him, and I heartily supported joe while watching episodes about Peach. Peach, I am exaggerating if I say that my list of fictional characters winning my hate is at the top of my list. I am aware that I am still climbing again and again. So I extend my words and finish my writing without getting angry with Peach any more.

Before you forget; Give the You Series a chance.


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