Locke & Key Season 1 Review

The series, where I had the chance to watch the first season, has a big handicap. Locke & Key's age limit is 18+ years old despite being in the mood of an adolescent because of its lead characters. When Stranger Things is 16+, Locke & Key's 18+ should not encourage you to watch an adult fantasy. Because I think the target age group of the series I watch should be between 15-20. Cuse and Averill did not act very brave in this matter either, or especially the series was asked to be in such a family tone and the fear of fear was removed. Apparently Netflix didn't want to be surprised by the model that is running.

Nevertheless, as a Netflix classic, I can say that I watched the Locke family's youngsters unravel the secrets as a very suitable series for binge watch. Only the antipathicism of all other characters, including mother Nina and schoolmates around the teens, bothered me. I could not sympathize with anyone except Bode. In the episodes I watched as preliminary content, the effects were not complete. Therefore, I will not be able to comment on that topic as well, because the version I watched was not the final version of the scenes.

As a result, I can imagine that comic book fans will be a bit disappointed with this reduced-dose version. However, it can be an enjoyable viewing experience for other viewers. Let me not mention that Locke & Key has already received Season 2 approval.

Have a good time ..

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