Lucifer Series Review

It all starts with Lucifer, who was expelled from heaven and assigned to rule hell forever, as stated at the very beginning of the story. A great subject! I really do say it is a great subject to watch the fantastic world lovers like me in a sitting for hours. However, as there is a roughness behind every perfection, there is a huge roughness behind it in this directory. Screenwriters! How can you ruin such a matter? If I wasn't watching a player like Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar * devil) I wouldn't have given the series more than 2 episodes. But what did I do? I finished in 3 seasons.

Lucifer Morningstar.
- Is that your stage name or something?
+ God tax unfortunately.

The series generally progresses 'simply' on crime. The reason I say simply is that we encounter the same events for almost 3 seasons. One is dying, it looks like a murderer, but not a murderer, and the real murderer is found. Waow! They must have worked hard.

Lucifer Series Review

When we come to acting, I can say that the only thing that keeps the show alive. Tom Ellis and Lauren German (Chole), who are always in front of us, succeed in making him watched and endearing. Effectively enough, since there are not many effective scenes in the series. I mean, the scenes of removing the wings of angels could be a little more realistic, but still enough. (At least, there are no milky way effects)

In Lucifer, the devil is more charismatic and good. So this is a little different from the devil we know. Although some criticisms mention that this tendency has spoiled the issue, I think they have done a good job by adding a different atmosphere to the devil.

- Satan is walking between us.
+ Father, you have no idea how right you are.

Our devil runs a nightclub called Lux in the world and plays a role in enlightening the murders with the detective (Chole). Our detective (spoiler !!), who is a monument of beauty, is blessed by God and normally does nothing, and becomes defenseless while he is with the detective.

It takes 3 seasons for the detective to find out that Lucifer is really a devil, and then we can't see anything with a big scenario break. I am the script that you will write. Put the 5-year-old boy better writes .Mk.

In the series, we encounter not only the devil, but also mythological, religious (whatever you accept) characters such as Amenadiel (angel * brother), Mazikeen (demon), Charlotte (goddess * for a while) and Kabul (the first murderer in history * God curse with immortality). Here is the nice part of this series that we want to focus on more. (Director: okay banane from this?)

The lines and dialogues, on the other hand, are at a marvelous level “The series is watched only for the lines of Lucifer. With this development, Lucifer Season 4 will be Netflix production and we will be able to raise our expectations a little more. (There will be 10 episodes * Azrael is coming)

Despite all the scenarios and nonsense, I would recommend watching Lucifer. Whether it's Tom Ellis acting, occasional mythological events, enough reasons to watch the show. Hopefully we will see a different plot in Season 4 thanks to Netflix. If you watched Lucifer, you can share your opinions about the series by commenting.

- We may not always understand, but God has a plan.
+ Yes, I know why everyone thinks it's a good plan?

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