How to Cancel Netflix Membership? How to Delete an Account?

Although it has become a part of our lives with thousands of content, it may be necessary to say goodbye to Netflix from time to time. You can cancel your Netflix membership by following the path mentioned below for any reason, after a month trial period.

How to delete Netflix account?

First, log into your Netflix account through a browser.

Click on the profile picture on the right of the site and the Account option in the following window:

Click on the 'Cancel Membership' button on the left side of the page that opens:

Click on the 'Complete Cancellation' button in the blue at the bottom left of the site.

When you complete these steps, your membership will be canceled.

How do I cancel Google Play billing for Netflix?

If you have signed up with Netflix on Google Play with your Android device, you can cancel your membership by going to play.Google.Com/store/account from your computer or your Android device using the method mentioned below on your Google Play account page.

Your computer;

Go to play.Google.Com/store/account.
Select My Subscriptions in the left menu.
Click Unsubscribe next to Netflix.
If you don't see Netflix as one of your subscriptions, the Google Play account you sign in to is not the account paid for your Netflix subscription. Please repeat the above steps while signing in to the Google Play account that has been paid for the Netflix subscription.
Click Cancel Subscription again to confirm.

From your Android device;

Open the Google Play Store.
Touch the menu icon.
Select Subscriptions.
Choose Netflix.
Select Unsubscribe.
Select Cancel Subscription again to confirm

NOTE: Uninstalling the Netflix app from your phone or tablet does not automatically terminate your subscription. To unsubscribe, you need to cancel your subscription using the steps above. It will continue to charge you if you uninstall the Netflix app without canceling your subscription.

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